Chakra Trauma – Energy Healing Services for Past Lives and Negative Experiences

The 7 ChakrasThe Chakras contain the solution to find the root cause for negative experiences that cause PTSD and other symptoms in a person’s life.

If you notice:

  • Running thoughts like monkey mind going through your head you can’t seem to stop
  • Negative thoughts and feelings that bring you down all of a sudden, even out of the blue
  • Sluggish, tired energy where you don’t want to get out of bed
  • Flashbacks to the unpleasant experience where you feel you are reliving it in your day-to-day life
  • A sense of anxiety and paranoid feelings like someone is still trying to get you
  • Denial, but feel there is something unconsciously blocking a memory that comes out in different ways in your current life
  • Intense feelings that consume you for no apparent reason
  • Extreme guilt, shame, or anger
  • Feeling like the incident was your fault (even though it wasn’t) and difficulty processing that
  • Been dealing with heavy emotions or changes in your body and life

…then having an energy healing will help you release the trauma or negative experience.

*Note: I am not a counselor or psychologist. I work under my current certifications in Energy Scan Healer Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Psychic Intuitive, Coach for PTSD and Co-Dependency, Reiki, and other modalities. This work is not talk therapy. It is an alternative to traditional therapy using the modalities I am trained in.


  • NOT reliving the trauma
  • Processing the emotions without having to talk about the event or relive it
  • Finding the root cause of an issue you face in this lifetime from a past life
  • Finally releasing the grip of a negative experience on your mind and body
  • Releasing old patterns and ancient vows, contracts, and ancestral history
  • Getting better sleep
  • Reducing blood pressure and regulating your body
  • Getting help with chronic symptoms like headaches
  • Relieving addictions
  • Relieving emotional pain and physical pain
  • Increasing your vitality and energy
  • Being able to live in the present again
  • Being close to people around you again
  • Identifying the behaviors that repeat themselves in your life and on other people
  • Getting clear so that you can start living again


What Is Chakra Trauma?

When I first discovered the Energy Scan from the Academy for Invincible Healers in 2012, I was skeptical.

After being trained in this technique, I quickly noticed I was able to tune into other people at a much deeper level than I ever had before. Their trauma, past life experiences, and pain started being presented to me in sessions.

As time went on, I realized the Energy Scan was a helpful tool to find the root cause for a person’s issue very quickly.

I started to see things in the Chakras they were unaware were even influencing them in a negative way in their present lives.

Things like:

  • Fights and arguments with loved ones
  • Not finding a loving partner and settling for those who used them
  • Root causes for lack of boundaries
  • Staying put in jobs they hated
  • Why they couldn’t be intimate with their partner
  • The reason for money troubles
  • Why they were addicted to certain things in their lives
  • Fear of moving forward in business ventures
  • Not being able to speak up for themselves or others
  • And other symptoms

When I uncovered the root causes in their Chakras, they acknowledged events that did have an effect on current relationships and issues today.

But, in the traditional Energy Scan, just the awareness of these events and root causes were not enough to help them heal from their experiences.

It wasn’t until my guides gave me Chakra Trauma and PTSD Recovery and Healing Services through Energetic Healing to help clients further with these issues.


Chakra Trauma Energy Healing Services is actually very simple. That’s why it works so well.

We DON’T have to discuss the trauma.

What DOES happen is that this energetic healing helps you:

  • Create lasting change in mind and thought
  • Helps you get any insight about behavior from the event that is affecting you today to take action on
  • Releases the hold of the stuck part of your brain that has not processed the event
  • Releases the emotions that are trapped in your body and energy system and usually result in pain either emotionally, physically, or mentally

This technique also gives you a working tool to use in your life going forward. As you become accustomed to tuning into the events lodged in your Chakras through our healing sessions together, you can use this tool on your own for day-to-day energy clearing and to gain mindfulness quickly and easily.

Choose Your Chakra Trauma Energy Healing Service from the Session Packages:

Healing Assessment

1 Energy Scan and Assessment Session Conducted By Phone or Skype to Find the Root Cause for a Situation

*Note that if you sign up for a package after the assessment session, you will receive a credit towards the package from this session in lieu of the assessment included in the package.

Assess What's Going On - $125

Chakra Trauma Energy Healing 30-Day Package Monthly Retainer for Month-to-Month

Chakra Trauma Energy Healing 30-Day Package

This healing package gives you:

  • Two 60–minute healing sessions per month
  • An initial 45-minute Energy Scan and Assessment session

BONUS: Mp3 of Timeline Healing and Goal Setting

*Please note that if you want the full effect of healing trauma symptoms, to expect to complete at least 6 sessions.

Chakra Trauma Healing Monthly

2 Distance Energy Healing Sessions Conducted By Phone or Skype

Activate Your Healing Today - $397


Chakra Trauma Energy Healing 6 Session Package


Chakra Trauma Energy Healing 6 Session Package

This healing package gives you:

  • Six 60–minute healing sessions bi-weekly
  • An initial 45-minute Energy Scan and Assessment session


  • Mp3 of Timeline Healing and Goal Setting
  • Journal prompts for processing ancestral trauma and trauma from past negative experiences
  • Resources for practicing mindfulness
  • Your choice of self care item: 1 deck of self care cards OR 1 essential oil spray

*Please note that if you want the full effect of healing trauma symptoms, to expect to complete at least 6 sessions.


Chakra Trauma Healing 6 Session - Full Pay



Activate Your Healing Today - $797

Chakra Trauma Healing 6 Session - Payment Plan



Activate Your Healing Today - $267/month for 3 Months

I could feel some of the blockages in my head and heart area being released yesterday while you were working on me, and I feel less congested. Thank you so much!


When Gabrielle performed an Energy Scan on me for thyroid issues, she uncovered an event I, at first, did not remember. I later remembered the event and how I was forced to do something I did not want to do. My inability to speak up for myself seemingly caused the issues. She sent me healing and provided a solution to release the stuck energy.


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