Discover the Secrets to Healing the Past with Love Imprint Coaching Sessions to Shift the Wounds to True Love

Frustrated WomanThe past is a 2-ton anchor. If it is still plaguing you in the form of repetitive and intrusive thoughts, low self-esteem, recurring negative relationships, and overwhelm from painful, sometimes frightening feelings, then it can only drag you down.

It’s tough out there.

I get that.

It’s true that so many loving women and men will try to have relationships with a significant other.

A few (a very few) will succeed wildly.

A few more will wallow in the sad mud of mediocrity, neither experiencing the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat. These will live in “no man’s land”.

Most will fail. Miserably and repeatedly. When I say “most”, I mean 97%.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures – after all, the odds are over 97% that you have.

Maybe you know what it’s like to strike out for your goal with enthusiasm, only to smash into a brick wall time and time again.

You do your very best to have a loving, committed relationship, but you end up feeling cast out and rejected to the breaking point, wondering what you did so wrong instead.

Maybe you have suffered this kind of burning humiliation more than once. Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to find your true love, your twin flame, your soul mate, and have a loving, committed relationship that lasts.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part.

The reason why you can’t seem to attract a loving, caring partner is really quite simple, and even easy to fix. What has held you back is past negative and traumatic experiences you’ve endured, put on you by others in your childhood, teens, and even adult years.

Let that soak in. What that means is that you were born without limits when you came into this world. You were born to seek attention and affection from your caregivers. However, along the way, you were taught there were limits and that you were on your own in many ways to care for your own needs. This may have come about from a parent scolding you, not responding to your needs even as a baby and instead, they were absorbed in their own needs, from abuse and traumatic experiences and relationships, from neglect, and more. The possibilities of where these experiences began are limitless. But, we can get to the root cause for these experiences.

All You Need Is A Mentor, And Then You Can Find And Release The Root Cause For Your Negative, Traumatic Experiences To Enjoy Fun And Love In Your Life

It’s really that simple. But maybe not obvious to most people.

The truth is, though, every great accomplishment involves investing time and money into your healing, learning more about how we are wired for relationship, but how negative and often traumatic experiences prevents us from fully experiencing joy and satisfaction in life. Sometimes that’s not obvious to us.

Sometimes we think others were just born with the ability to create great, meaningful relationships. We often think they were born extroverts, born comedians, or born with the ability to say loving words to others that attract people like bears to honey.

They weren’t.

At one time, every those people who seem to have it all together when it comes to relationships started right where you are right now.

There’s no reason holding you back from the same kind of success that others enjoy.

And there’s even better news: you can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you.

Because right now, there’s Love Imprints Coaching and Healing Sessions, the first coaching and healing that focuses on removing the core issue of why you have repeating negative relationships in your life.

How Love Imprints Coaching and Healing Sessions Helps You

12203686_sLove Imprint coaching and energy healing focuses on finding the events in your history that are impeding your future, coming to the grips with them, and releasing them. Love Imprint coaching and energy healing helps find that negative black hole in your past and stops it from sucking so much.

Imagine all the pent up resentment and negativity finally bursting and draining out of you.

Imagine the relief.

Bullying, low self-confidence, rejection, traumatic events, guilt, shame – all of these make for terrible constant companions.

Tell them to take a walk. Not sure how?

Clear Out Negative Energy and Blocks to Create Your Life

Love Imprint coaching and healing sessions focuses on a step process that will teach you how to build a bridge to the future with bricks from the past. The first step is to find the road that connects your past and your future. The next step is to track down the exact source of the pain, resolve it, and release it. After that comes the goal: you can only make a brighter tomorrow if you know what you want in that future.

Transform want into have. Don’t let emotional deadweight drag you down.

Love Imprint coaching and energy healing will help you find a new perspective, a new focus, and a lighter soul.

Heal the Past

Love Imprint coaching and energy healing sessions includes phone sessions to help you heal the past and create goals towards what you want in your life.

Create What You Want

Through Love Imprints coaching and healing sessions, learn how to create what you want in your life. We’ll explore what you truly desire to bring into your life and set goals towards bringing it into reality.

Bring It Into Reality

With Love Imprint coaching and healing sessions accountability, you discover how to bring what you want into reality. Imagine what you can bring into your life.

Here’s Just Some Of What You Will Gain During Our Time Together

  • Release generational trauma (Epigenetic trauma) from cellular imprinting passed down from generation to generation that causes you to relive situations from your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents so that you break the “family curse” and live your own life
  • Discover the secret to releasing relationships and patterns that keep coming into your life so that you will never choose from a place of lack and always recognize the signs of these relationships to choose from a place of joy and allowing the good into your life
  • Learn how to recognize intrusive thoughts that keep you stuck in limitation (they can be sneaky) so that you have an unlimited potential mindset and can easily turn these thoughts around into positive, loving, supportive attention and focus for yourself and your goals
  • Uncover your secret love communication that is what drives your choices in love and makes you “feel loved” so that you know yourself and can communicate to others and they can communicate to you in your love communication as well as recognize how they feel love and you can give to them (makes for a healthy, balanced relationship)
  • Exactly what heaven and hell on earth looks, feels, sounds like so that you consciously create more moments of heaven
  • How to get clear on what you want in a partner so that you send out the right energetic waves of attraction into the Universe and receive what you desire
  • The best way to write “desire statements” that get you invested in the energy of what you are creating in your life, energizes and focuses you to draw that which you desire towards you
  • What to do to release hurt from past relationships that include a variety of ways and deep connection with your body, spirit, and mind to be renewed in spirit and hope for love
  • How to return to love when critical thoughts plague you to re-find your true essence of who you are and calm all fears, release negative imprints of past experiences so that you return to joy, love, peace
  • The best way to find out if your relationship is true love or if it is going nowhere fast, is harmful, and a big-life-lesson-waiting-to-happen so that you learn the signs of the big, bad abusive wolf, stay clear, and on your path to creating the life you desire
  • Love assessments that dial you into the core issues you face on your path to love so that you clear these blocks for good, clear and align your energy for love
  • Discover what turns you on in life to create joy and increase your magnetic attraction to bring love into your life
  • Unblock your ability to allow opportunities into your life so that you will meet your soul mate
  • Learn how to stop taking on other people’s problems to end the wild ride of co-dependency so that you stop getting frustrated in relationships, burned out and instead attract people who are on a higher level of peace and love
  • Release longing for your soul mate and learn to live in the moment, letting go and having fun so that you are always empowered in your search for love and not clingy, desperately searching to fill a need
  • Finally release negative emotions and memories tied to past events that serve as stumbling blocks to living the life you want. Get your body back on track to self regulation and heal from those traumatic, negative experiences to finally end the cycle of reliving the trauma.
  • Discover fun techniques designed to release painful emotions and memories based on research and healing, proven to be effective and lasting.

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