Be Love On Fire Full Healing Program:

Do you keep having intrusive thoughts that say you’re unworthy of love?

Do you feel bad about your choices in past relationships?

Do you feel like you are alone and wish to have someone to love in your life?

You are right where you need to be. Even if the past weighs you down like a 2-ton anchor, you can shift this heavy feeling into a lighter, brighter you! Gain the awareness and help to fuel your energy into positive attraction for you to attract your soul mate.

In working with me, not only will you recognize past pattern choices, get healing for these, and shift your energy, but you will also feel worthy of love and start living your life on a whole new level of being – one with joy and fun.

In the Shift Your Wounds to Love On Fire Package, we’ll find the root causes blocking your path to love. We’ll work on healing negative past experiences to shift your wounds to love. You’ll learn more about what you bring to a conscious, loving relationship so that you will feel confident and worthy of love. You’ll also discover effective Love Imprint Healing Transformation techniques and awaken your intuition to gain awareness of critically blocked energy patterns to shift them quickly so that these intrusive, unresolved thoughts never bother you again.

The Be Love On Fire Package will help you get unstuck from where you are right now to be energetically on fire by discovering the following:

  • Recognize the wrong guys who bring unfulfillment, possible abuse situations, and potentially worse into your life. End the drama so you can choose your loving partner consciously
  • Gain awareness of the root causes for your blocks to love and healing to resolve these past negative experiences for good.
  • Know your strengths in love and what you bring to a relationship. You will forever stand in your power, knowing your value when you find these and feel worthy of a loving, conscious relationship.
  • Get the confidence and clarity needed to align yourself with bringing love into your life.
  • Learn more about what you want from a relationship to allow it to happen in your life. When you learn about what you desire, you can navigate to it with ease and grace instead of settling for anyone that comes along.
  • Discover the main blocks to love and shift into awareness and understanding of how these blocks prevent you from allowing the right relationship into your life.
  • Learn the technique to use to shift from negative, intrusive thoughts into awareness, insight, and action quickly.
  • Raise your love vibration to learn how to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and angels to release lower level energies and feel at your best to attract love.
  • Discover the things you can do right now to be on the path to love that will bring you joy, fulfilment, and excitement into your life.
  • Heal from your ancestors’ relationship trauma. Epigenetics is the study of the genetically passed down trauma responses that encodes us to experience the feelings of our ancestors’ trauma that we didn’t ever experience in reality. Heal from these traumas to release their hold in your life by default for you to create your life by desire and design.
  • Recognize the patterns of choosing the wrong men, gain deep awareness and healing for these patterns so that you can learn how to choose from a place of worthiness and love for yourself.
  • Release the longing for another to be in your life, accept and embrace what is right now so that you are open to the right person showing up in your life and free to enjoy life as it is right now or change it until you get to a happy, loving space within yourself.
  • Gain healing the original core wound that created your choices in life so that you are free to choose what will uplift and inspire you.
  • Discover unique body wisdom techniques for you to set up a moving meditation that is unlike any other. This is a practice for you to begin that will awaken your core wounds, past negative experiences and shift these into profound insight and understanding, healing and resolution for these issues.

This supportive coaching and healing package gives you:

  • Two 50-minute Shifting the Wounds to Love sessions per month for 6 months

Together we work on the following to:
o Remove Your Blocks to Love
o Find Your Strengths in Love
o Envision Your Conscious, Loving Relationship
o Raise Your Love Vibration
o Go Deep In What You Desire Energy
o Recognize the Wrong Guys Awareness
o Heal Your Ancestors’ Relationship Trauma, Recognize Patterns Deep Awareness and Healing
o Find the Core Wound of the Love Imprint Within and Release It
o Release Longing to Live in the Now Healing

    • An initial 45-minute Discover the Blockages to Love Assessment kick-off session that will give you deep insights of what is blocking love from coming into your life
    • Customized monthly assignments and accountability tracking

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