Last week we witnessed some horrific incidents with the attack in Nice, France, the Turkey military coup, and several more police shootings where people were actually luring the police out in duty to serve and protect. If you’re confused and wondering whether you’re safe or not, there’s a good reason to wonder. These attacks have all challenged the status quo that is law and order in our society.

However, fear not for the answer will come to you on the questions you’ve been asking. In one form or another… pay attention to what information you’re getting.

This week our love and relationships are centered around the past, present, and future.

Past – Knight of Wands

In the past, you had a thirst for adventure in your relationships. You set out to seek and find, to be a little reckless and often impulsive. The knight is that side of you that takes action on a whim and carries out plans without any thought of fear or consequences. If you’re in tune with this side of you still, then great. Feed it and let yourself embark on little adventures every day, whether it is a trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market or a trip to the gym. If you go to the same store all the time, explore something new while you are there. If you always do the weights at the gym, try a class or swimming. Little adventures in doing things different appeal to your inner explorer and rekindle that passion in being one with the moment.

Present – Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Ho hum… right now you’re feeling bored, lazy, and stuck in your relationships. Things are a bit dull and stale. Perhaps you’ve been afraid to go out because of all that is going on in the media lately or you just haven’t had the time or money. At present this is being reflected in your relationships. It’s time to shake that up a bit, don’t you think? Channel that inner Knight of Wands and explore… or bring your idea to your partner, kids, boss and see if they are a go with it. Even if it is an idea for a picnic, a new project, or to try the Pokemon Go game as a family, just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Future – Magician

The Magician says to hold no stops and take action now. Have confidence in yourself and what ideas you have planned. If you want to be at one with the world, look for ways to make that happen in your town. If you see the unity in people around you, find those common grounds with them and express them. This is the time to connect, listen, and heal from all that has happened recently. Building common ground with those near to you and learning about your fellow neighbor rather than being distant and not taking the time to say hello. You may fear the unknown, but there is greatness to be discovered in 15 minutes of talking. Perhaps you will need to connect with this person again if this week transpires like last week. Connection and communication are part of what the magician is all about.

How do you see these cards and interpretations playing out in your life?

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