In this week’s love and relationships Tarot reading. we have 3 major Arcana cards, The Emperor, The World, and The Hermit. What could these mean? Read on to find out what to expect in your relationships throughout the week.

The Tarot spread used for this week’s reading is Guidance, Obstacles, Opportunities.


The Emperor – This card is in the Guidance position of this spread. The guidance for you to grab hold of this week is to command more authority in your love and relationships. Seek to provide stability and security in your relationships. Whether that means to live up to your promises, keep your word, or be bold in your actions to create order, this is what is advised this week. The Emperor didn’t become the Emperor by being mushy and a pushover. Be sure to make your plans, needs, and wants known so that other people can meet your desires.

If you’ve felt like others have taken advantage of you lately, now is the time to set boundaries and stick to them. Create and enforce rules and regulations to keep people in your life in line. Otherwise, they will continue to walk all over you.

Another aspect the Emperor represents is control, mastery over mind, emotion, and action. He is methodical and planning. Be sure to adopt some of his habit into your daily life. You may want to keep to a schedule, maintain focus on your end goals, and master your emotions to bring your ideas and desires in a relationship to life.


The World – Someone is feeling preoccupied with worldly thoughts and desires. Perhaps you have a taste for adventure, but are bogged down in this moment and its responsibilities. Perhaps you long for choices because you feel the people in front of you are not understanding you. Well, these thoughts and desires are coming up for a reason, but don’t get distracted.

Plan to accomplish these things in the future because if you choose to seek these now, you are compromising your love life and relationships. Perhaps you already have a scheduled trip or something else that will take you away from your relationships during this week. If that is the case, just be sure to take note that these things are an obstacle to harmonious relationships at this time with the ones you truly care about. Find ways to work around these things to still connect with your loved ones. Some ideas can be to use Skype video to call home and see your loved ones while also letting them see you. Another idea is to stay gone less and go home earlier than originally planned.

The World can also mean new opportunities that are opening up for you. Just be sure to determine whether these are in line with your long term goals. If they aren’t, then they could pull you in different directions that will take you away from continuing in harmonious love and relationships with others in your life.

The World represents the ending of a project and seeing the overview of a process. You may think you already see the end before you get to it, but remember that living in the moment is where the magic truly happens and can often shift the ending. Let go of expectations and just be in the moment with your loved ones.


The Hermit – This card represents time for you to do some soul searching. You can take time alone to get away from the world and others to see what truth lies within you. What do you really want in your life? Now is the time to ask this question and begin to seek the answers within.

Noise and drama will distract you during everyday life from the truth. This week is the perfect time to reflect on what’s been going on for you and what you want to create in this next phase of your life. Limit your distractions and spend time to yourself this week.

Taking advantage of this opportunity will yield an unwavering focus on your goals because when you recognize the truth from within, and realize that is what you truly want, then nothing can hold you back from having it when you decide to. As you meditate and reflect on your personal goals, you will discover what you truly want to bring into your life and set new goals.

Take this time for yourself to create new ideas, new desires in your love and relationships or any area of your life. The Hermit reminds us that you can’t have great relationships if you don’t take care of yourself first. Be sure to make time for you this week.

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