This week’s love and relationships Tarot reading kicks off the week after our nation was rocked by the headlines concerning our nation’s leaders and police. The reading is set up with Guidance, Obstacles, and Opportunity. This reading is for your love and relationships life and can be applied to partnerships, love and romance, siblings, friends, peers, work, and any other relationships in your life. If there is one that is particularly troubling you or coming to mind right now, then this reading applies to that relationship.

Guidance – 9 of Pentacles

The woman pictured in this card symbolizes beauty, contentment and fulfillment in life. She isn’t worried about things in work, relationships, or other matters. She is abundant. She has gained the knowledge of knowing that birds are provided for with food everyday. She is also provided for with food and the basic needs, but also more than that, she is given time to attend to what matters most to her. She is prosperous in many ways.

Even during tough times and times that trouble our hearts, picture this woman and imagine yourself as her, “What if things will be alright? What if I’m prosperous now?” How would you act differently?

Recently, I attended mass with my father while visiting him last week. I was raised Roman Catholic, but since then practice Buddhism and attend church occasionally or online. The Priest’s sermon was about how we all “do” so much… that now it is time to think about who we want to “be.”

If you’re caught up in doing, worrying, hating, or any of these lower level energies, this card’s guidance asks you to think about who you are being and whether that truly lives up to who you are.

Obstacles – Queen of Swords Reversed

Normally, the Queen of Swords is all about speaking up for yourself and others, but this week, the obstacle is that you may not get that platform or other people are just not listening right now. You’ll get the time to once they’ve calmed down, but this week, you’ll want to be silent and listen to what people are saying. It’s time for them to voice their opinions.

You may learn something!

The reason why the reversed Queen of Swords means to listen rather than to talk this week is because you may be experiencing distorted views into the situation at hand. Your vision is cloudy and you’re not able to focus on a logical perspective at this time. It may be that you are too connected to the situation to see things objectively or that you are just saying things without first thinking through them.

Take some time to back off and meditate on the situation to see things objectively. Once you do, ask for the truth and let it be revealed. It may not come all at once, but it will come.

Opportunity – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the seer in the royal family. She can see what will make her home and kingdom happy, healthy, and prosperous. Sound like a skill you want? She is offering it to you this week in your love and relationships.

She’s very nurturing, sensitive in nature, and cares about the ones she loves. She cares about all people and this is your opportunity this week. Tune into others in your environment and offer a listening ear, a helping hand, or a hug to ease the heart. Our nation and people need it this week and you can bring it.

Showing compassion to others this week is the main theme of the opportunity available to you.

In addition, if you are working on projects, she suggests you tap into your imagination for the spark of creativity you need to complete them and make them uniquely valuable.

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