This week’s love and relationships Tarot reading follows America’s July 4th Independence Day celebration. The reading is set up with Guidance, Obstacles, and Opportunity. This reading is for your love and relationships life and can be applied to partnerships, love and romance, siblings, friends, peers, work, and any other relationships in your life. If there is one that is particularly troubling you or coming to mind right now, then this reading applies to that relationship.

The Star – This week, you need to look inside yourself for the opportunity to readjust your thinking. There is a perspective that you have been holding on to that has caused you to feel separate in your relationship. Look inside for guidance in the truth of the relationship and what you must do on your end to resolve conflicts.

If you’re just starting a relationship, the Star reminds you to seek guidance and not be swept away. Things are looking good. Just remember to have two feet on the ground and look at things from a positive angle.

Ask for help when you need it. If you feel separate from others, distant, and lacking, then be sure to ask for the help you need. The Star lights the way for navigators to find their destination even before compasses. The Star can be a source of guidance and direction for you as you journey through life. Ask to be shown the right direction when you need to find it again.

Six of Wands – This week suggests you’re struggling with trying to achieve something in your relationships. Perhaps it’s connection or re-connection with your loved one, a boss, or a peer. You may be wondering if the effort is even worth it. Well, when you see the 6 of Wands, you can rest assured that it is and you’re on the right track.

Even if you aren’t sure of the path in front of you, trust that the guidance from the Star is leading you the right way. Know that success is right around the corner for you.

In any relationship, also ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to achieve and whether the goal has both of your best interests in mind. Notice the amount of commitment and effort you put into the tasks and how that has helped both you and the other party involved.


5 of Wands – This card represents the opportunity for things to be resolved with cooperation. You can overcome the obstacles and conflict. It could be small or large, inside of you or outside. Know that you need to realize how much power you give to the energy of how you’re feeling and the situation at hand.

If you are given the opportunity to heal this conflict within yourself, then take the time to do so. with the resolution of conflicts, you will have success.

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