Discover how to liberate yourself from the past as you become more of YOU in your life to attract what you most desire!

Are you ready to?

  • Bring in your soul mate or twin flame who is in perfect alignment with you, but seem to always attract people who abandon you?
  • Finally start being assertive – speaking up for yourself, and doing things you enjoy, you have always wanted to do, but you’re not sure how to stop others from walking all over you?
  • Let go of fear and the oppression of others’ reaction, and move boldly toward creating your own life with passion and consciousness?
  • Create greater relationships of connection in love, work, community by allowing them to unfold instead of waiting or feeling like you have to push?
  • Stop wasting your precious time and energy trying to make a relationship work, and finally attract the right relationships to you?
  • End frustration and confusion once and for all and trust in your intuition to choose the right relationships into your life?

You weren’t born to struggle in relationships…

you are meant to have love and connection and be in the flow of life – here’s how:

While you may desire to have loving relationships, feel at peace being who you are, and create the life you’ve always wanted, none of this will happen for you until you get help and healing from the past to:

  • Experience yourself in a new pattern of relationship
  • Get insight into what was blocking you from the past
  • See your patterns and learn how to make new decisions to create the new pattern
  • Get healing around the energy that is affecting your body in mental, emotional, and possibly physical pain
  • Stand in your values and create boundaries to raise your energy and attract the right relationships
  • Learn how to manifest what you want and not settle for less
  • Discover how God works with you to create the life you want
  • Learn when a relationship is not working for you and what the other person is trying to communicate to decide if it’s right for you or not

It’s time to get excited for what is possible for you now when you join this community!

The best way to get started is to register for the FREE Blissful Love Imprint Breakthrough session to see what’s blocking you from having the relationships and connection you want.

During the session she was revealing things about myself that were 95% accurate, stuff no one else but me COULD KNOW!

Ronald M.

Finally I found a great reader. Thanks a lot for your reading. I almost cry when I heard it as you describe totally the situation! Thanks !!!


Immense value. Very comprehensive. If I can say, a very “soulful” reading. This reading moved me to tears it was so accurate (and I’m a grown man…lol). I appreciate you deeply for using your gift.


My years of experience, insight, training, and love of what I do allow me to quickly tune into your situation and provide guidance and support in helping clients understand where they are at and achieve the changes they want and need in a safe, supportive, and enlightening space.

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Change Your Imprint coaching helps you find and stop the negative energy sucking blockages and turn them around to a positive, empowered, conscious new you. Finally be liberated to manifest the relationship, money, and life you want.

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Thanks so much for the session! Based on what you told me, I was able to reflect on how my life circumstances affected my current state of being today. I realized that I needed resolution to a couple of things that were on my mind, and I ended up crying a little right after our session (and into the morning, actually). It helped release some of the negative feelings I had that were trapped inside of me for quite some time. I also how it was important to react to and experience the world around me in order to grow as a soul and stay healthy (at least the positive experiences).

I could feel some of the blockages in my head and heart area being released yesterday while you were working on me, and I feel less congested. Thank you so much!


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I’m Gabrielle Conde Talley, Founder and Creator of Your Path to Love. It is our mission to share our knowledge of emotional healing with women and men who’ve experienced negative and often traumatic events. We share energy healing, art, music, dance, visualization, and more techniques to introduce you to new ideas in a fun, safe, ethical space. It is our intention through our session offerings, programs, and classes to help you learn how to heal yourself to clear out negative behavior imprints and experiences, love yourself, and build a life of joy. We want you to find what sets you free from mental prisons and limiting beliefs. We serve all individuals and openly embrace everyone with compassion and kindness. We look forward to helping you with what you seek on your journey!

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